Curtain Planning Guide
What do the terms mean? Swags, Valances, Panels..


Curtain Components

Throughout our website you'll see which styles of curtain components are available in each style, along with matching and coordinating window components. Try combining various curtain elements to change the whole look and feel of your windows, or to meet required lengths and widths on oversized windows.

Roller Shade


Use window curtain components alone, or combine them to achieve different looks or in combinations to fit various window sizes



The perfect stand-alone window treatment



A pair of swags offers coverage for the window while allowing in the light, and provides a drape to silhouette the window edges




Panels can be used in pairs, or one panel per window for a bit more contemporary look.

Hint: when you have tall windows that are spaced close together, you can achieve a more open and airy feel by using a single panel at the outside edge of each window.


Panels & Festoon

Use 84" panels layered with a Festoon at the top.

Hint: place the tiebacks 1/3 of the distance from the top or bottom of the drapery length.



Swag Pairs with Tiers

For shorter, wider windows consider two or more swag pairs at the top, and add tiers at the bottom.

Hint: consider whether you'll want to open the bottom tier curtains, or how much gather you like, when deciding how many tiers you need.



Swag Pair, Valance and Panels

Wide windows - and even patio doors - get extra fullness when you combine a pair of 84" Panels with a Swag at each side and a  Valance in the center.














































































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