Door & Window Treatments: Design Ideas and Safety Tips


I'm one of the first people in the "old and upcoming"  area of our city to buy and renovate one of these turn-of-the-century homes. My front door is the beautiful old original that I've restored to its original stained finish. The door looks great but it has a glass window and I picture old-fashioned lace curtains going there, however, I'm worried this wouldn't be the safest choice considering I'm just one street away from the "bad" part of town. Any ideas on how to get the look I want without being worried about safety?

Choose your favorite lace curtain style and purchase an extra panel or tier to increase the gather; when the curtains are closed you should have greater privacy while maintaining your home's vintage style. The lace curtains can be used on a door that has a built-in window as well as on sidelight windows.

Lace Roller Shade - Sheer DivineRoller Shades offer additional privacy while allowing light to enter. Use them alone or add curtains over them for additional security. Just remember, the styles we offer do have transparent areas in the pattern, so add curtains over them for optimum privacy, especially at night.

Old homes are often in "transitional" neighborhoods where nearby homes haven't yet been restored, and their inexpensive rent makes them more accessible to a criminal element who may actually resent you moving in and changing the neighborhood. Cameras and security alarms (with unobtrusive signs that advertise you have these systems) help to deter crime. However, criminals can break in - and do damage to your home or threaten your safety - and be gone in the critical moments before police arrive.

While security cameras and alarms are important, we suggest you take a few EXTRA steps

    is an inconspicuous but highly effect device that prevents door kick-ins. We highly recommend this product for both prevention AND repair for kicked-in doors.
    install a deadbolt lock that requires a key or, even better, a digital keypad, to lock and unlock the doors
  • we highly recommend the STRIKEMASTER II door security device because it prevents a door from being kicked in by intruders (deadbolt locks alone can't prevent a door kick-in). This device is installed on your door frame; it is unobtrusive and won't detract from your vintage door's appearance 
  • consider installing decorative metal guards on your windows; these allow you to open windows yet keeps criminals from entering while you're enjoying a nice breeze blowing through lace curtains
  • dogs help deter burglars by barking at suspicious sounds, which also helps warn you to be alert for intruders
  • install motion sensor lights in outdoor fixtures, and timers for indoor lights

Get to know your neighbors and encourage them to keep an eye out for suspicious people or activities at your house. Of course, offer to return the favor - a committed group of neighbors improves the sense of community and warns the criminal types that they're being watched.

Enjoy being a pioneer in the urban renewal programs that give you more house for the money, tax incentives and a personal fulfillment in the difference you're making by with your neighborhood revival and beautification. Take the extra steps to secure your home; you need not compromise safety for style!








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