white cotton and lace duvet coverDUVET COVERS are essentially a fabric case into which your duvet or comforter is inserted, just like a pillow is inserted into a pillowcase. Since feather duvets should be professionally cleaned, duvet covers are most often made of sheeting and ideally are easy to launder.

how to cover a duvet in 2 minutesYou can easily change up the look of your room simply by changing the duvet cover. You can opt for a "hotel look" this week, and a cottage or shabby chic look next week. Duvet covers are especially nice in the guest bedroom; perhaps a pretty floral or ruffled duvet cover when your sister comes to visit or a solid color in a tailored style when your brother-in-law sleeps over. By keeping the main scheme of the room somewhat neutral, changing the bedding will completely change the room.

When a feather duvet is used on a bed, it is most common to skip using a top sheet. For this reason, you should be sure to buy a duvet cover that's soft and comfortable next to your skin. May I take this opportunity to say that those with sensitive skin should opt for the best duvet cover your budget will allow; inexpensive bedding is no bargain if you can't tolerate the feel of it. Additionally, your duvet cover can help regulate your body temperature as quality cotton or linen fabrics help wick away moisture.


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