Using Curtains Outdoors

What could be more charming than lace curtains adorning your porch, blowing in the breeze on a warm summer's day?

Lace curtains certainly aren't just for indoors any more! Lace curtains used outoors will provide some shade and a degree of privacy as well as creating a cozy and romantic style. Be sure and visit our PORCHES page on Pinterest for more great ideas!

Even those with the most basic sewing skills can make cushions for a porch swing. Better yet, how about slipping some bed pillows into vintage white pillow cases for an easy, comfortable style? Photo courtesy of Heaven's Walk Blog


Can't you picture yourself on the porch above, enjoying the patterns the sunshine makes as it shines through the lace curtains? See more photos of this adorable porch at Shabby Chic Tiny Retreat

Sheer curtains define the space while allowing you to see what's beyond. I want to be invited to this dinner party hosted by Live Gorgeously!

Yea, I'm gonna need a porch like this.:

What could be better for your porch than an
antique bed for seating,or to settle in
for a nap on a spring afternoon?
Photo from SewSheSews.

Stunning covered deck with black lanterns flanked by billowing white outdoor drapes:  

Just by adding curtains to the porch above, a large space
becomes more cozy - and nicely shaded - by adding
sheer curtains. Photo from Decor Pad

white farmhouse dining table ?:

By adding swags over the exterior of the windows, this porch
becomes an new outdoor room. From Urban Farmgirl.

At right, a city row home benefits from extra privacy by
adding beautiful lace curtains to this cozy little porch




And how fun is this? I put some lace curtains on our
chicken coop. It provides some shade, but mostly
the curtains just make me smile when they billow in
the wind.









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