Victorian Lace Curtains are simple yet striking, offering an airy feel to windows to enhance a vintage decor. Elegant and timeless, lace curtains can add a special sophistication to a proper Victorian parlor as well as romance to the bedroom, coziness in the kitchen... you'll adore the appeal that lace curtains lend to any room. Choose the heritage lace styles your grandmother cherished, or updated and sophisticated looks for a more contemporary decor. Lace curtains offer so many options for fitting oddly sized or historic windows. Combine valances, tiers and panels for the perfect look. 

If you love the old vintage linens, we have those too. There's an ever changing assortment found in our Vintage Linen Closet

New vintage style linens are expensive, but ironically the styles they were created to copy are usually much less expensive than a reproduction. We have a fabulous assortment of bedding, table cloths, dish towels, table toppers, napkins and more at terrific prices!