11 Similar Battenburg Napkins

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So here's the deal. I got a box of linens, washed them up and then ironed them in the linen room on a cloudy, rainy day. When I brought them downstairs to photograph them later I noticed there are 2 slightly different patterns and that SOME have slight smudgy stains. Rather than cycle them back through soaking, washing, drying and ironing I'm grouping them together at a big discount. Use them as is for a candle lit dinner and nobody will notice the stains. Then soak them, maybe bleach them, and I think they'll likely come out just fine, however, if they don't then you haven't invested a fortune. At this price, just use them for cleaning around the house, admiring your great taste in glamorous dust cloths. There are 5 of one pattern and 6 of another for a total of 11. The third picture shows the condition of the stained ones.

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