50 States Handmade Quilt

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This was a huge project undertaken by a lady named Ruth Saunders in 1981, which we know because she was thoughtful enough to embroider it on the reverse side of this fabulous quilt. I purchased it at auction and was just stunned when I took it out of the bag. My guess is she made it gave it to someone very special who stashed it away because it appears to never have been used. Each square is embroidered with the state's official bird, flower and tree plus a bald eagle in the center, and it was all sewn by hand. If you have a farmhouse decor or collect unique quilts then this one must come live with you. Shown on a queen size bed with 2 sets of pillows to showcase more of it. This is a stunning piece of handiwork and I'm sure the dear lady who made it would be happy for it to go to a home where it will be enjoyed and well loved. The background and the reverse side are a very light off-white.

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