A little party!

Posted by on 6/25/2018
We had a little birthday party yesterday with 7 of us, meaning I had to set up a card table to seat everyone since my kitchen table only seats 6. I wanted the atmosphere casual but a little special. 

We opened up our small dining room to the small kitchen a couple of years ago; each room was 12' x 12' and too small for anything, so now our kitchen is 12' x 24'. My style is more farmhouse, but I love my comfy parsons chairs. Sitting around the table with family and friends in a comfortable chair makes the room so much more inviting.

We have a huge patch of sunflowers in our field, about 200 ft long and 30 feet deep. I had to have some for the table of course!

I generally keep imperfect linens to use myself because I don't insist that they be perfect. A pulled thread, a small stain, a tiny hole - I can deal with it because I love the item. And so it is with this sweet little table runner and matching napkins. I think the eye goes to the overall effect rather than focusing on a tiny imperfection.

Below is the card table covered with a pretty drawn thread tablecloth and using napkins from the other set to tie them together. Don't you just love the little vintage pansy ring vase? I don't think it was too insulted that it was holding the first tiny zinnias of the summer with some impatiens mixed in.