Hospital Blankets

Posted by on 8/29/2017 to News
HOSPITAL BLANKETS are made to be highly durable yet soft and comfortable, made to take years of use. They end up in personal collections where someone has been cared for at home who was bedridden, and many older folks just don't have twin beds they can use them on after the patient no longer needs them. When I buy at auction "the contents of linen closet", they're often tucked in amongst the linens that have been stored away, as people found they were too good to discard. They're also easy to dye to any color you want.

I've found so many uses for hospital blankets, but I do have too many on hand at most times. Here are some ways to use them:

  • Obviously they're great to use on twin beds. They look sweet with ruffled white pillowcases!
  • I keep one in my car for a winter emergency, or for those times when I need to wrap up something fragile that's going in my trunk
  • I use them when we go to the beach as they're more durable than a beach towel
  • They're a great size to use as a tablecloth on a picnic table
  • They're a better size than larger blankets to use if you've got a guest sleeping on your couch
  • Great to use as a lining for quilts
Here's a link to buy one now