Using Curtains Outdoors

Posted by on 8/31/2017
What could be more charming than lace curtains adorning your porch, blowing in the breeze on a warm summer's day?

Hosting Overnight Guests

Posted by on 8/31/2017
Guests will love to stay overnight when you have prepared for their visit by anticipating what they need to be comfortable. One of my friends - a man, at that! - once said he likes coming to our house because it feels like a bed and breakfast. What a lovely compliment that was! Here are some tips to help you get ready when company is coming.

Why We Love Vintage Linens

Posted by Karen on 8/30/2017
Why We Love Vintage Linens
There's nothing quite like the feel of vintage linens, from a time when everyday things were made to be not only pretty but durable and useful.

Hospital Blankets

Posted by on 8/29/2017 to News
If you find a hospital blanket, get it! Here are some ideas for using them in so many ways.

Choose the Right Duvet for a Spa-Like Bedroom

Posted by on 8/28/2017 to News
If you've wanted to achieve the look and feel of a spa-like, high-end hotel experience in your own bedroom or guest room, here are some tips on choosing the right duvet to fit your needs.

How to Care for White Bedding & Linens

Posted by on 8/25/2017 to News
Find it challenging to keep white bed linens looking their best? Try these tips for laundering and storage.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Posted by on 8/24/2017 to News
I was 50 years old before a friend taught me how to fold a fitted sheet. When I stumbled on this video I just had to share it.

About Vintage Linens

Posted by on 8/1/2017
Collect old linens, use them often and use them in unexpected ways