Layering Bed Linens

Posted by on 5/1/2018
I have a definite style when it comes to decorating my bedrooms. I prefer the crisp clean look of white or soft neutrals, but I like to layer fabrics, textures and styles. In the winter I prefer the house colder than the average person so I like to make sure there are extra blankets handy for the less cold-natured who visit. Plus, since we're in the fireplace business, the guest rooms usually have an electric fireplace in them in the winter too.

I recently had a guest room painted baby blue with white trim, thinking this will be the bedroom my grand daughter Ellie chooses when she gets a little older. Unlike the others I wanted it a bit feminine without being childish so that grownups would feel comfortable using it as well.

This bed is really tall thanks to using 2 mattresses, a look my Grandma was famous for. I have an ivory bedskirt my Grandma made that fits the height perfectly, and a hand crocheted ivory bed cover that I just adore. I decided to combine them with a white goose down comforter and some frilly little pillow shams with a blue ribbon.

I love the crispness of white, but this can get boring if you use it in every bedroom as I currently do. I find that just by adding some pillowcases accented with lace, ribbons or embroidery that it adds a special bit of charm. One advantage of collecting white linens is that they're easily moved from room to room, mixed and matched with other white bedding. Just accent the bed with the right pillow or a quilt or coverlet folded at the bottom and the room becomes friendly and inviting like a country inn versus having the austere look of a dull hotel room.