Before the days of disposable tissues, every lady had a sweet little handkerchief in her purse. My grandmothers would whip them out for me to blow my nose in or wipe my mouth, often at the same time. When I was a little girl in the 1960's I usually gave my grandmothers pretty little hankies folded into creative shapes at Christmas so they hold fond memories for me even now.

Pinterest abounds with craft ideas to use these vintage treasures, but why not put a couple in your purse and glove box and use them as intended too?

I most often run across these in bundles and have some adorable styles. A few months ago I got an entire box of unused old hankies, still in the original boxes  It's not time well spent on my end to photograph each one individually so I'm offering them up for sale in groups.
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Vintage Hankies
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